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Stable Servers

Our Minecraft servers run on dedicated server technology by only the most reliable of hosts, allowing us the power and flexibility to provide you the performance and persistance you would expect from official game servers.

Custom Packs

We've developed a variety of mod-packs from the ground up as well as many of your favorites to ensure variety, entertainment and a spice of something new for what ever it may be that you fancy, and we're constantly adding more.

Senior Staff

Our team of staff & support are a capable group of mature individuals, coherent and determined to serve an enjoyable experience for all users of the Rebelcraft network with a just and fair perspective.

Meet The Team

Network CEO

Network Developer

Network Manager

Network Thumb Twiddler


We believe progress should not be hindered by the tendancy for people to hold on to what they know and love over what works best, as a fresh API for developers and a modern interpretation of running modified servers we believe that Sponge has the potential to do great things; we're supporting this idea by using it to run some of the modpacks we have here at Rebelcraft alongside Forge for the best of both worlds.


With client-side software for VOIP services being as diverse as they are and the set-up being different for each and every one of them, we firmly believe that Discord is a truly unified experience across Windows, Android, iOS, Mac and soon to be Linux. It works well from browsers and even Electron-wrapper client applications and have chosen it as our main platform for voice, text and in-game feed communcation.